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Tracks & Remixes



26.05Crack BellmerBerlin
14.04Promenaden EckBerlin
11.09Christa KupferBerlin
13.08Christa KupferBerlin
04.07Secret LocationBerlin
01.07Birgit & BierBerlin
19.06Floathouse x Nautilus Open AirBerlin
29.05Birgit & BierBerlin
19.02Kit Kat Club Live StreamBerlin
18.02Cosmic Hallway x Refugio Live StreamBerlin
28.10Beatport LiveBerlin
17.10Christa KupferBerlin
01.10Crack BellmerBerlin
14.08Christa KupferBerlin
29.04Live Stream at SisyphosBerlin
04.04Immunsystem Live Stream @ HRMNNBOXBerlin
28.02Promenaden EckBerlin
18.02Crack BellmerBerlin
01.02Promenaden EckBerlin
15.11Mensch MeierBerlin
08.11Promenaden EckBerlin
17.10ADE | JD WilliamsAmsterdam NL
28.09Promenaden EckBerlin
27.09Anita BerberBerlin
10.08Promenaden EckBerlin
02.08Salon zur wilden RenateBerlin
14.06Promenaden EckBerlin
10.05Anita BerberBerlin
01.051. Mai Hinterhof RaveBerlin
20.04Promenaden EckBerlin
30.03Promenaden EckBerlin
01.03Bloop RadioLondon UK
23.02Promenaden EckBerlin
15.02Suicide CircusBerlin
22.01Crack BellmerBerlin
19.01Promenaden EckBerlin
31.12Crack BellmerBerlin
29.12Promenaden EckBerlin
08.12Promenaden EckBerlin
17.11Promenaden EckBerlin
17.10Suicide CircusBerlin
02.10Promenaden EckBerlin
29.09Social Chill BarMaidstone UK
27.09BloopLondon UK
08.09Promenaden EckBerlin
11.08Promenaden EckBerlin
02.08Crack BellmerBerlin
07.07Promenaden EckBerlin
02.06Promenaden EckBerlin
01.06Loftus HallBerlin
26.05DissidentMoscow RU
19.05Old FashionRyazan RU
18.05TypografiaTula RU


Quadrakey are the epitome of a quality DJ / Producer duo working in harmony. Currently based in Berlin, the happily married couple have been DJing as early as the early millennia and have been the duo we see today as Quadrakey since 2007.

In 2015, after years of collecting records together decided to launch their label Tooman Records. Their motto and musical framework ‘House music with a deep passion’ for the label is a mirror image of what they bring to the dancefloor too. A beautifully curated and unique back catalogue of releases sees the label’s musical future well placed for years to come.

Early 2018 saw the duo being taken on by Bloop London, a cutting edge electronic music radio station to host their monthly radio show Deep Passion. The radio station focusses on London and internationally based DJs as well as renowned club nights.

The duo’s amazing ability to express themselves through their music has moulded them into first rate music selectors. Elegantly and effortlessly blending through many shades of house music, their influences range from a wide variety of 90’s House music as well as Funk, Soul & Hiphop.

Quadrakey’s adept music selecting skills crosses over handsomely into their productions too. The duo’s humble studio in Berlin gives them a solid foundation for creating their music that is melodic, emotional and full of groove.

In summary, Quadrakey are passionate, charming and armed with a powerful array of music that will mesmerise, enthral and shower love to any dancefloor.


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